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inspect special systems

Fountains?  Waterfalls?  In-floor Cleaning System?  Not a problem!  We look at the pool as a whole to ensure it's running smoothly and efficiently.


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about the leak detection process


Water is a most precious resource.  It is up to you to ensure your household is doing all they can to conserve water.  By calling the Accurate Leak Detective, you are choosing an educated, professional to partner with to detect you pool or spa leak.  We will help you do your very best to conserve water.

So what makes us different?  We are A rated with the Better Business Bureau.  We can provide underwater photo/video to show you your leak.  We want you to truly love your pool! 

pressure testing

We pressure test your plumbing lines to ensure the integrity of the system.

Most pool leaks can be found by inspection of the pool and equipment.  Should Pressure Testing be necessary... don't worry!  That's included too!


9 our of 10 pools are repaired the same day.Underwater photo and video available.

initial inspection

We begin by inspecting your pool as a whole.  

We want you to love your pool.  We begin by inspecting the pool as a whole to diagnose the systems that need attention.  We are equipped to dive and inspect each pool we see.